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Cultured Marble Vanities


Terese’s Top Works offers Cultured Marble Vanities due to their beautiful appearance, low maintenance and economical features. Customers seeking vanities with smooth surfaces, no grout lines, with the timeless beauty of marble have a variety of options available through (insert vendor name here).

Cultured marble blends resin and stone particles with pigments to create surfaces with natural looking patterns in a variety of colors. It differs from quarried stone, as it is cast into the specific mold for the size and style of the bathroom vanity to meet the customers’ needs.

The molds use binding agents with the marble blends to create a solid, transparent surface. The pieces are then removed from the molds after curing, and polished to create the finish.

Bring your imagination to create your dream bathroom, starting with a Cultured Marble Vanity. Whether starting from scratch or upgrading an existing vanity, the quality and low maintenance aspects of cultured marble will appeal to each individual or projects style and budget.

Please call to discuss your individual and project needs. We are here to help.