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Real Wood Butcher Block


Terese’s Top Works is proud to be an “Exclusive Wholesaler of Neoterik Butcher Block Countertops in the Gulf Coast Region.” We offer individualized custom consultation, delivery, and installation.

Terese’s Top Works now offers Real Wood Butcher Block countertops to serve our commercial and residential customer needs. They offer the same kind of surface often used in butcher shops and residential kitchens, serving as cutting blocks for meats and food cutting. Also, functional and appealing as tables, kitchen islands and carts allowing for versatility and maximum surface space wherever they are used.

Butcher Block Characteristics:

  • durability and strength

  • variety of finishes

  • multi-use applications

  • easy to maintain and clean

  • sealed designs are water resistant to retain appearance over time

  • can be refinished for a lifetime of use

  • affordable and economical

Please contact us for options, availability, and pricing. We are here to help.