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Hartson & Kennedy Post-Formed Countertops


Wanting the look of luxury without the cost? Post-formed countertops offer many options to accommodate your imagination and budget. Affordable and easy to care for, they are the perfect complement to any kitchen, bar, or bathroom. Use laminate products with the look and feel of solid surface, natural stone, or granite to update your home or office.

Maintenance is easy with mild soap and water; there are no cracks or crevices to collect dirt or debris, making it even easier to clean. Don’t let the ease of cleanup fool you, it’s tough enough to resist stains and moisture from daily use, and there is no need to reseal or polish.

Easy and affordable, these countertops compliment virtually any room’s decor with over 250 colors and patterns to choose from to meet your unique needs and style. There are also a variety of decorative edges available, making post-formed countertops a logical choice for any space requiring a stylish, durable, and affordable surface.

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