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Wilsonart Laminate


Terese’s Top Works is privileged to be an exclusive regional dealer of Wilsonart Laminates. These products are durable, attractive, and affordable and have been used worldwide for more than 50 years in both commercial and residential projects.

Please contact us to discuss your individual and/or project needs. We are here to help.

Wilsonart offers laminates in solid colors, abstract patterns, textures, woodgrains and custom laminate products to meet each customer’s individual or project needs. Options include:

  • Wilsonart Chemsurf – chemical resistant laminate

  • Fire-Rated – meets and/or exceeds fire codes from laboratories across the USA

  • Wilsonart High Wear Laminate – for heavy traffic areas

  • RE-COVER – offers affordable option to reuse interior fixtures by updating them with laminate surfacing

  • Wilsonart Compact Laminate – available in a variety of thickness from 1/10″ to 1″

  • Wilsonart Chalkboard – offers durable, cost-effective writing surfaces that require no special maintenance

  • Markerboard – writing surface ideal for schools, offices, restaurants, etc.

  • Wilsonart Solicor – specialty laminate with solid core color throughout

  • WilsonartX-You – Just bring us your own image, artwork, photographs, or illustrations and we’ll create a laminate that’s entirely distinctive and perfect for your needs.

  • Traceless Laminate Beautiful, Durable, Traceless. A unique fingerprint-resistant technology ensures smears, smudges and streaks are almost never seen.

  • Edgeband – Made of ABS Plastic which is a recyclable, chlorine free polymer compared to PVC and HPL strip edging. Available in most Wilsonart Colors and finishes. Call for availability.

  • Perma Edge – Wilsonart decorative edges add the perfect finishing touch to tables, desk and reception counters. Two edges to choose from bevel or crescent edge. Available in all Wilsonart colors.

  • Decorative Metal Laminate – Wilsonart Decorative Metals are sheets of solid aluminum, steel or A-Look Mirror Quality composite panels with a decorative finish on one side and a treatment to facilitate proper bonding on the reverse side.

  • Adhesives – Wilsonart line of adhesive products include, solvent-based contacts, water-based contacts, solvents and cleaners, wood glues, PVC-type white glue. There’s a wide range of container sizes from pints to 330 gallon tote tanks.